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Pedoodles Shoe Features

What makes Pedoodles so special

If you were a kid, these would be the shoes you want.  Soft, stylish, and durable -- Pedoodles have it all.

Leather Construction

Every pair of Pedoodles is constructed of premium, top-grade, genuine leather.  This flexible, breathable, natural material helps to promote healthy conditions around developing feet.  Our choice of leather also requires very little care or cleaning to maintain its great looks -- something Pedoodles are known for.
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PedFlex™ Flat-Rubber Soles

Going barefoot is excellent for foot development, but it isn't always practical.  When walking outside or on rough surfaces, tender skin needs to be protected.  Our exclusive PedFlex™ flat-rubber soles are the answer.  These lightweight and extremely flexible soles provide protection, durability, and traction -- important for outdoor use. 

Soft & Flexible

Young feet are incredibly soft and pliable.  Any footwear you put on them should be the same.  Pedoodles are not the hard, stiff "bucket" shoes of the past.  We've designed them to be soft and flexible, with plenty of "wiggle room" for developing toes and feet.  Our shoes naturally flex and form to your child's changing feet. 
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Seamless Footbed

All Pedoodles have soft, flat insoles that create a seamless footbed for tender young feet.  The absence of any arch support helps to simulate barefoot walking conditions, which experts recommend. 

No Laces To Tie

We like to keep it simple here at Pedoodles, so none of our shoes have laces to tie.  Our First Feet Collection feature expandable ankle entry systems that allow their feet to slide into the shoes easily.  Once they're on, they stay on.  Shoes in our Next Steps Collection make use of Velcro straps to secure the foot.  They'll have plenty of time for laces when they're older.
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Great Looks

There is no mistaking Pedoodles unique styling.  Our attractive colors and fun characters will capture your child's imagination and spur their fashion sense at an early age.  Read what some of our customers have to say about Pedoodles.
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